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jadedxgirl's Journal

The One You Can't Forget...
5 June
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80's cartoons, action, adventure, amulets, analyzing, angels, architecture, art, bands, bass guitar, being crazy, being myself, best friends, birds chirping, blue skys, bmx riding, born again christians, bucky lasek, buried treasure, butterflies, candy land, care bears, cartoons, castles, caves, classic cars, clear things, close relationships, clouds, colorful things, concerts, cornerstone festival, counseling, creativity, crowds, crystal balls, crystals, cuddling, cute things, dancing, decapolis, decorating, deep conversations, designing, dragonflys, dragons, driving, drums, elves, exploring, faeries, fairy tales, family, fantasy lands, feeling loved, final fantasy, flavour ice, flowers, forensic science, gems, giving, gnomes, god, goth, grass, guitar, gummie bears, having fun, helping others, holding hands, hugs, ice, independent, independent truck company, interior decorating, jesus, jones soda, juice, kittens, knights, laughing, lemonade, light bright, lilacs, lip gloss, local bands, lollipops, magic, making graphics, medival times, mermaids, moon, music, mysteries, mysterious people, ocean, photography, popples, popsicles, pretty smells, profiling, punk, punk rock skater guys, rain, rainbow brite, rainbows, raves, reading, reading my bible, road trips, sanrio, sci-fi, secret hideouts, self-expression, shooting stars, singing, ska, skate parks, skateboarding, slushies, smiling, soda, soft animals, spoiling people, spring breeze, springtime, starry skies, stars, summer, sun, sunrises, sunsets, sunshine, swords, talking, the sound of rain, tinker bell, transformers, traveling, treasure, tree houses, trees, vince vaughn, warders, water, wishes, wishing wells, wizard of oz, writing poetry, zelda